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Meet the Teachers

This is the badass line up of yoga teachers who will be leading The Yoga Market experience. Each teacher has a unique energy and wisdom to share with The Yoga Market community.

KJoy Lipson

Kjoy Lipson's personal yoga practice favors a high-energy power flow vinyasa set to upbeat, fun music. That being said, she has been trained to teach everything from restorative, prenatal, candlelight, slow flow, power Pilates, and super high-power insanity yoga. She loves Tara Stiles’ attitude and style of teaching she created with the Strala way of yoga. Movement is the ticket to freedom. Channel the energy inside yourself and feel the freedom flow through your movement and breath.

She instructs with a smile on her face, high-energy, light-heartedness and wants students to have fun while achieving a deep stretch and burn. She is most concerned with students listening to their own bodies and practicing open communication, allowing for modifications. She also encourages challenging oneself while leaving judgment and ego at the door.

Alexandra Grimm

Alexandra first found her passion for movement as a young girl through dance. While Attending the University of Texas at Arlington she discovered her love for yoga and began to teach informal classes to her friends, sharing her passion and admiration for the yoga practice and lifestyle. Vinyasa flow and practice has been Alexandras creative outlet and infatuation. She received her 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher certification in December of 2011.

Loren Bassett

A long-time competitive athlete, Loren Bassett has always valued health and fitness. "Working out and physical fitness have been my sanctuary from the time I could walk." states Loren. The profound physical, mental, and spiritual impact of practicing hot power yoga inspired her to become a teacher and share it with others.

A natural born leader, she is the ultimate power yogi; a rare combination of grace and power, yin and yang, masculine and feminine. Her class embodies a rigorous, athletic flow emphasizing strength, flexibility, and balance that will take you to your edge, while maintaining inner peace. Her goal is to inspire you to be courageous and confident on, and off, the mat. Loren will challenge you to take risks, live authentically, and embrace your inner beauty. She is an innovator, a leader, a mentor - a true inspiration.

Georgette Dunn

Georgette Dunn Shropshire often jokes; that her bubbly personality ironically led her to leave her first yoga class before it really started! She wasn’t ready to witness the real power one gains when they slow down and listen; but that inner voice became loud and clear and she returned to yoga in 2005 and it felt like a home coming party! Like many yoga practitioners; she felt a sense of joy and peace that she never gained through any other form of fitness and she was hooked – line & sinker. In an effort to stop waiting for the “perfect” time and to go ahead and stop day dreaming; she happily enrolled and completed her 200HR power yoga teacher training in 2001. Georgette’s style of teaching comes from a place of joy, strength and freedom to be completely yourself! From the moment you enter her class, she hopes to remind you that you are phenomenally made and able to take your practice to any place you dare to go!

Britt Rainwater

When you walk into one of Britt’s classes you can expect creative and intelligent sequencing, progressive upbeat music, plenty of time going upside down, a solid dose of playfulness and an overall great vibe... Britt connects naturally with her students giving them the personal attention they need to deepen their practice. Her positive energy, sense of humor and uplifting personality is contagious. Each class is handcrafted with love & paired with a compelling centering theme to leave students feeling inspired and more alive at the very core of their being.
Britt is an E-200 Hr. RYT certified in classical Hatha Yoga, her classes are a challenging mix of Power Vinyasa Yoga, integrating dynamic sequencing, core work, breathing, inversions and arm balances into an overall alignment-based flow suitable to students of all levels.

Michael Cruz

As a physical therapist and yoga teacher, Michael finds inspiration in the integration of the power of the breath with mindful movement to channel the fire that dwells within. He strongly believes every single person’s life story matters no matter what trauma and pain you have experienced in the past, and that by listening to and sharing these stories with one another, we allow each other to grow, and cultivate community through diversity. Michael completed his 200-hour yoga teacher training at the yoga movement in Dallas, TX in October 2017.

MJ Vista

Yoga is the universal language that everyone has the ability to speak. It allows us to discover more about ourselves so that we can be better, do better, and grow stronger. The self-discovery power of yoga is what lured MJ to take her first yoga class as a college freshman in 2010.

Even though she received a degree in Applied Mathematics & Computational Science, the stars truly aligned in that very first yoga class and MJ swore to become a yoga teacher one day. Fast forward to December 2017, that decision became a reality and her company, NamastayMe, was born.

MJ took a one-month long RYT-200 hr training in the birthplace of yoga - Rishikesh, India in April 2017. Along with the spiritual awakening and community empowerment that came with the environment, she also received training in Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa style yoga.

In her classes, you will deepen your connection to your true self and learn to align your yoga practice with what you discover about yourself. Come with an open mind and a light heart to a space rooted in community, support, and growth.